Why an Open House Might Not Be the Best Way to Find Your Dream Home

Many people dream of moving to West Maui for years before they actually start looking at West Maui real estate. The best thing that you can do for yourself in your home search? Contact a realtor before you begin. Many people today think that they can open house hop their way to their dream home, but there are many good reasons to get a realtor in your corner before you begin.

Why an Open House Might Not Be the Best Way to Find Your Dream Home - Lahaina Real Estate, Maui Condos, Homes & Houses for Sale from Maui MLS

It’s Easy to Get Swayed by Cosmetic Choices

Top of the list for getting a realtor: they know what’s fixable and what isn’t. If you’re having a hard time ignoring the bright yellow wallpaper or the out of date appliances, don’t worry: these turn-offs are easily fixable. Look at the bones of the house, like the window placement and ceiling height, before deciding that a home can’t work for you. Having a realtor at your side to field your questions gives you a better chance of not getting into trouble here.

Having a Realtor Boosts Confidence

This is a little “the magic was inside you all along” trick to having a realtor: you’re going to feel like you’ve gotten it more together. Even if you’ve shopped for real estate before, you probably haven’t shopped for homes in West Maui. Get a realtor on your side, communicate your needs and desires to them, and then use them as a sounding board. If you think that a house you viewed is a little too small for the price, run that by them and get confirmation that other Maui homes are offering more square feet for the same general price range. You’ll feel strong in your opinions because you know that someone can fact-check your feelings.

Having a Realtor Provides Context for Maui History

Maui has a long, complicated history that’s very interesting to many people. It also has a lot of variation in terrain even today, and things like sugarcane burning areas and local weather patterns (which can have such big differences as one house having 50% more humidity than a location just a mile away) can hugely effect the experience of living in a house. When you have a resident realtor at your side you can access information about sales history, and more that you’re not going to be able to pick up by dropping into an open house.

Realtors Know Home Inspectors You Can Trust

Before you buy a home on Maui you need to have it inspected and appraised. Inspections come first, and you should have them done by a reputable resident business. A realtor is the best way to find these workers, sometimes on short notice; an inspector might give preferential appointments to clients of a realtor who gives them a lot of business, for example. If you don’t get a good inspection, you could decide not to purchase the property at all. This will cut out the need to have it appraised, which is part of the lending decision on a bank.


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