What Makes West Maui a Great Place to Live  

What Makes West Maui a Great Place to Live  

West Maui is the land of fantastic weather, sunshine, beautiful beaches, and people who are welcoming and diverse. In general, most of Hawaii is well known for its stunning natural environments. If you enjoy breathtaking vistas and gorgeous scenery, if these are top of your list when looking for a place to live, this sweet spot in an isolated island archipelago is not to be overlooked. 

But Maui isn’t just attractive because of its topography. Moving to West Maui also presents a solid real estate move for those looking for a reliable long-term investment. At the time of this writing, the market is hot, and now could be the best time to buy. Here are six reasons why West Maui is a great place to own a home.  

Low interest rates

At the moment, interest rates are at record low levels. Indeed, demand for real estate in Hawaii from mainland US continental buyers is high in contrast, but if you have the money ready to invest, now could be a perfect time. It can be costly to build your own home in Hawaii and long-term vacation rentals exist but are low in numbers. 

If you have been thinking of buying in West Maui and have the savings ready to put into play, today’s low interest rates can be very attractive.  

Access to an abundant, natural, green environment

Maui is a mountainous landscape and because of this, the weather can change a lot from one region to the next. Most Maui gets at least a little rain each day, but parts of West Maui, which includes Leeward West and Windward West, are dryer than others. This makes the region a perfect living space. 

Leeward West tends to be shielded from the region’s infamous trade winds and stays dryer. The island’s windward side gets the most rain, which often falls late in the day or overnight. This area is normally protected from large storms. 

So, it’s true, you’ll encounter some wind and rain in West Maui but the result is a lush, mountainous landscape filled with nature’s wonders. Beautiful palms, rare plants, wet forests, shrublands and beaches make West Maui an unparalleled natural environment. 

Fabulous weather and unforgettable beaches

With temperatures that stay in the 80s all year round and an average of about 276 sunny days per year, West Maui has one of the best living climates on Earth. What more could you ask for? If you’d like to leave snow and sleet in the past, this is definitely the place to be. 

West Maui is also home to numerous immaculate beaches, including Kahekili Beach Park. This attraction is known for its sea turtles, easy-access snorkeling and whale sightings. Another popular attraction, Ka’anapali Beach, is known for its vast sand, blue waters, outstanding swimming, and upscale restaurants and shops. Your vacation awaits every day after work on sun-kissed, gorgeous beaches.  

Historically guaranteed long term appreciation 

While no one has a completely accurate crystal ball when it comes to real estate, in many situations looking to past performance is a reliable indicator of what the future holds. West Maui real estate has a solid record making it a great place to live. The real estate market in Hawaii has always gone up and down as it does elsewhere, but it doesn’t move as drastically as in the mainland US. Hawaii’s real estate has shown steady appreciation historically, and West Maui is included. 

Access to world-class golf 

From dazzling views of the Pacific Ocean and the area’s rich mountains to some of the best golf in Hawaii, golfing in West Maui is unforgettable. With immaculate fairways, fantastic vistas, and dramatic ocean views, golfing here is like nothing you’ve experienced. Living in West Maui means you can experience the beauty of relaxing in paradise every day. 

Delicious top-rated dining

Welcome to a mouthwatering number of options for dining out. From $6 lunch plates to exquisite high-end cuisine, you’ll find what you seek. 

Some of the most popular places for dining in the region include Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi BarSea House Restaurant in Napili Bay, and Monkey Pod in Ka’anapali. Traditional Hawaiian cuisine, fabulous sushi, delicious burgers, and everything in between awaits.

West Maui is full of abundant greenery, vast open ocean landscapes, fantastic weather and sunsets, and so much more. World-class shopping and restaurants, low interest rates, and appreciating real estate values with a solid record make this corner of paradise an ideal place to live.