Top Online Resources for Relocating to West Maui

Top Online Resources for Relocating to West Maui

Moving is hard, but relocating to somewhere as special as Maui can take some of the sting out of the process. Even so, there are still details to be ironed out. So we’ve put together a handy list of resources to help you organize and plan your move to beautiful West Maui.

Getting Started

Moving to Hawaii is unlike moving to other places in the U.S. Not only are there flights to be considered, but there are also some restrictions that are unique to the islands. Doing some basic research is the ideal first step. Here are some places to start.

Pride of Maui

While Pride of Maui is a snorkeling tour company, hidden in their blog archive is a nifty little article on relocating to the island. It’s a terrific place to start your relocation journey.

Great Guys Moving

This is a moving company that does every kind of move you can imagine. They also happen to have a nice guide on what to expect when relocating to Hawaii. This guide is a little more focused on the transportation of your stuff, as you might expect, and offers some great insights into moving from the mainland to the islands and managing your expectations.

Guide of U.S. – Hawaii

This site has loads of great information about things to do in Hawaii in general. They have a great article about choosing a neighborhood for potential movers and having realistic expectations about living on the islands.

Hawaii Living

This getting started guide focuses a little more on finding housing and jobs. But it also has a very interesting section of random pieces of advice on Hawaiian culture and some of the more practical aspects of island living.

Moving to West Maui

You’ve already decided that you are relocating to Maui—specifically to West Maui. You’ve got some tools in hand to help you plan your move in general, so it’s time to talk about what it’s like to relocate to this particular area and how to plan appropriately.

There are several locations in West Maui to choose from, so let’s have a look at some resources to help you decide which one is for you.

Maui Now

Maui Now is a local news site with all sorts of different features. Their front page features local and business news (currently dominated by COVID), but they also have an in-depth look at living in Kāʻanapali, a city in the heart of West Maui. It gives an overview of the area, a look at real estate options, a list of schools and area shopping, and a guide to what makes this particular city special.

Maui Now also has a feature about living in the area of Lahaina. More historic and moving at a slower pace than Kāʻanapali, you’ll find a similar listing of schools and attractions. The one thing this article does not cover is finding a place to live.

Travelin’ Fools

Travelin’ Fools is a lifestyle blog with a concise article outlining the pros and cons of all of the different areas on Maui, including the towns that make up West Maui. It also has some great pictures.

Finding a Place to Live

Our real estate site lets you search by general location, type of home, and West Maui towns to give you an overview of the available condos, homes, and land for sale on West Maui.

Rentals can be difficult on Maui because most properties are independently owned. But we’ve got you covered on this as well, in our long-term rentals section.

Becoming Part of the Community

Start by checking in with the Maui Chamber of Commerce for local programs that might fit your interests. Joining local groups is a great way to connect with members of the community. Maybe you would be interested in the West Maui Preservation Association, the Maui Tomorrow Foundation, or perhaps some of these Maui activities.

Relocating can be exhausting, but we hope these resources will help you make your transition to West Maui the exciting adventure it is meant to be.

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