Top Ideas for DIY Home Improvement

Top Ideas for DIY Home Improvement

Are you looking for a productive way to spend your free time? Perhaps you’re interested in boosting the value of your home without having to enlist the help of expensive tradesmen? It may be time to dig out your old tools and delve into a new DIY home improvement project.

If you’re looking for where to start, we’ve put together some top ideas for transforming the look and feel of your home. Whether you’re a DIY amateur or a master painter and decorator, there’s something here to suit all abilities and budgets.

1. Install some floating shelves 

(Difficulty level: Beginner)

Are you hoping to impress your friends and family with your organizational and functional savvy? Why not install some floating shelves? All you need are some saws, a drill, sandpaper, paint, caulk, and some high-quality wood. Trust us – this is a surprisingly simple job that you’ll be super proud of once finished. Even better, you can use it to create a gorgeous display of books, files, plants, and more – very handy if you’re hosting an open house or viewing in the near future. 

2. Jump aboard the smart home trend

(Difficulty level: Beginner)

The Internet of Things (IoT) could help make your home appliances as functional and connected as possible. What’s more, installing smart home upgrades is relatively easy. Here are a few options you may wish to consider:

  • Smart locks: These intuitive devices allow for keyless entry – excellent news if you’re constantly losing stuff.
  • Smart hub: Home hubs such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant allow homeowners to interact with compatible devices through an AI system. If you’ve ever dreamed of sending an email or adjusting your sound system using voice alone, a smart hub could transform your life.
  • Smart lights: Smart lights save energy by turning off when not in use. You can also control lighting levels via a home hub.

3. Create a statement wall

(Difficulty: Intermediate)

If you’re stuck for ideas about how to make a room more exciting, try creating a statement wall. This could involve a range of tasks such as replastering, applying ornate wallpaper, or painting the wall in a bold color. Be wary if you’re planning on putting your home on the market, however – overly elaborate walls may not work for some buyers. Keep it tasteful!

4. Upgrade & Upcycle your furniture

(Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced, depending on the job)

If your furniture is looking a little worse for wear, why not upcycle your favorite pieces? As well as saving you money, this approach to interior design represents an eco-friendly way to cut down on waste. Remember to do your research before reupholstering your sofa or adding new features to your coffee table – there are plenty of excellent online resources out there to ensure your projects go as planned. 

5. Build a shed

(Difficulty: Advanced)

If you’re feeling ambitious and have a significant amount of DIY experience under your belt, building a shed could reap several rewards. As well as developing your construction skills, a shed will provide impressive storage solutions and increase the price of your property in the long term. 

6. Change old light fixtures

(Difficulty: Beginner)

Tired and outdated light fixtures have the potential to make a home look drab and gloomy. Fortunately, replacing your light fixtures is relatively simple and could transform the atmosphere of your home. Just remember to shop around for lighting solutions that suit your home aesthetic by making your space feel homey and welcoming.

7. Freshen up your tiles

(Difficulty: Beginner)

Stained or blackened tiles and grouting can look unsightly and impact the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom. Fortunately, it’s easy to get your tiles sparkling again. Start by purchasing a tile refinishing kit and follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely. You may be surprised by the results!

8. Upgrade your kitchen cabinetry

(Difficulty: Beginner – intermediate)

Cabinets can make or break the esthetic of a kitchen. If yours are looking a little outdated or worn, there are several ways you can rejuvenate them, including:

  • Refacing your cabinets using stick-on veneers or entirely new doors.
  • Install a pull-out shelf in your cabinet.
  • Paint your cabinets in a bold new color.
  • Install undercabinet lighting for a modern look
  • Add a plate rack under your cabinets.
  • Build new cabinets to create extra storage space.