Tips For Turning Your Rental Property Into A Work-Vacation Dream

Tips For Turning Your Rental Property Into A Work-Vacation Dream

This last year has demonstrated that working remotely can be just as productive, if not more so, than the traditional office environment. As such, countless adults are now shifting to permanent at-home work setups. Resultingly, with the money people are saving from commuting to and from an office each day, they’ve now got more travel opportunities. This is where you can potentially double your bookings if you get things set up right.

Here are some simple tips for turning your vacation rental property into a remote worker’s paradise:

Enhance your layout

If you’re encouraging remote workers to take advantage of your space, you’ll need to give them some space. Turn a spare bedroom into a dedicated office by incorporating a desk, seating, and plenty of options for installing a satellite phone hook-up. Try to pick a room with ample space and lighting––preferably a quiet area away from other common rooms and one that features a window to give your renters a good environment for thinking and brainstorming. Also, go easy on the décor as work-vacationers may need to take a few video conference calls and a distracting backdrop full of knickknacks and funky wallpaper might not create the right impression.

Also, don’t just assume that only ONE of the renters needs a dedicated office. Chances are, if you’ve got a group booked in, they might ALL require some desk space. Of course, your property listing will tell viewers how many can be accommodated, but it’s always better to provide more options.

Throw in some home office freebies

Since you’re already creating a dedicated office space, why not keep it fully stocked? A helpful assortment of pens, paper clips, envelopes, and other tools of the trade is the perfect gesture to those looking to maximize their work-vacation. Best of all, you’ve probably got most of the above items already on-hand. If not, a quick trip to the stationery store, and a few dollars, is all it takes.

Relax your restrictions

We get it: it’s your property, so any rules you put in place are entirely up to you. However, the world is changing and travel isn’t what it used to be. So, you may have to consider some leniency when renting your space.

For example, work-vacationers are limited when it comes to day-care or babysitting options, so it might be worth it to relax your “no-kids” rule. Same with pets. A rental property that offers accommodation for entire families, dogs, and cats will stand out among other nearby options. You don’t even have to advertise your restrictions––develop communication with prospective renters and try to understand their situations before booking them in. It’s entirely up to you, but flexibility goes a long way.

Upgrade your WI-FI

If you’re trying to appeal to work-vacationers, you will need to reassess your internet connection, as it’s almost impossible nowadays to “work from home” without a solid signal. If you choose to advertise FREE WIFI, you should make sure that it’s strong enough to handle multiple users over an extended period.

Before you advertise, test your connection: are video calls grainy and muffled? Are download speeds slow and unreliable? You may need a boost. After all, a poor internet connection could mean that a renter might have to cancel their trip earlier than planned, which is just a headache for all involved, and one that may result in negative feedback.

Reassess your furnishings…

There’s no need to go overboard to rent to work-vacationers but consider this: if you are renting to at least one person who will be taking meetings and answering emails all day, it’s all the more important that they have comfortable seating and entertainment options to indulge in once the clock strikes 5 pm. Sure, your vintage statement sofa might be aesthetically pleasing, but is it really that comfortable to flop into to watch movies at the end of the day? Speaking of movies, maybe it’s time to swap out your living room television set for a newer, widescreen model? Again, all things to consider, but an elevated work-vacation property is much more likely to get booked.

…and your rates

To many, vacationing is still a luxury––so consider the economic situation and think about bringing your rental price down to a level that is likely to yield more long-term bookings than sporadic weekend reservations. Don’t sell your property short: for the few dollars you knock off, you’ll likely make up in volume.