What Maui’s Golf Courses are Doing to Make Golf a Sustainable Activity

Today, countless businesses and homeowners are looking for ways to make their more environmentally-friendly. The same can be said about the golf courses in Maui. They are working to transform their courses to make golf a sustainable activity that everyone can enjoy for years to come. To do so, there are a number of things that need to be done along the way.

What Maui’s Golf Courses are Doing to Make Golf a Sustainable Activity - Lahaina Real Estate, Maui Condos, Homes & Houses for Sale from Maui MLS

Solar Panel Installation

By installing solar panels on the course, it can help reduce costs and utilize the power of the sun. The hope is that the facilities will be completely dependent upon solar energy and not have to worry about using power from the energy company. The renewable energy could end up generating thousands of kilowatts daily, offsetting all of the carbon dioxide used when traditional energy is used. The Pukalani Country Club has recently put up 455 solar panels, which will generate 220-megawatt hours of power for the grid.


Another thing many golf courses can do is step away from using portable water when irrigating golf courses. By using treated wastewater instead, it allows golf courses to distribute the water to the water hazards and retention ponds throughout the course while saving on water usage. Not only will portable water be saved for other purposes, but the wastewater can then be recycled and put to good use. In doing so, it could save as much as 70,000 gallons of water daily.

Using wastewater also means being able to cut back on the fertilizer needed from a residual nitrogen component. Because fewer chemicals are being used, there is a far less chance that those chemicals are going to make their way into the natural lakes or oceans surrounding the area. Not only is the golf course protected, but it helps protect the environment as well. Kauai Lagoons Golf Club uses recycled water for irrigation on its courses.


Another thing many golf courses can do to help is change out the grass used on their courses. By switching to a grass that doesn’t use as much fertilizer or water, it can make a significant impact on the amount of resources used to maintain it. While it might be a subtle move, it is one worth making. If the grass doesn’t depend on the water to grow and thrive, the course isn’t going to need to use near as much of it. By reducing the amount of chemicals used, it helps protect the environment from all of the harmful chemicals.

Makena Golf Course is one of the leaders in sustainability here in Maui,  as it follows the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program in respect to environmental planning. By making the golf courses more sustainable, it helps the planet and saves money and resources. It’s a matter of making small steps that will lead to a major payoff down the road.

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