Making Your Home Guest-Friendly for the Holidays

Making Your Home Guest-Friendly for the Holidays

As the festive season approaches, you’re probably busy planning evening soirees or overnight stays with your nearest and dearest. Hosting friends in your home can be great fun – particularly if you’re a skilled cook and enjoy delighting guests with delicious food. However, it can also be a little stressful. As well as ensuring guests feel safe and comfortable, you’re probably keen to impress them with meticulously considered décor and a spotless kitchen. We’ve put together some handy tips to help you satisfy even the most exacting of in-laws.

1. Do the cleaning early (and always clean the floors)

Cleaning your home before a big party can feel daunting. However, you mustn’t put off the job until the very last minute, as it could take a day or two! To ensure your deep clean is as swift and painless as possible, we recommend you start by tidying away stray possessions. Next, you should dust and polish the furniture and wipe down dirty surfaces. Finally, spend plenty of time cleaning the floors.

Even if you don’t have time to make every inch of your home spotless, cleaning the floors will instantly make your rooms feel more welcoming. If your carpets are a little grimy, it is well worth cleaning them with specialized carpet cleaner or stain remover. Just remember to apply the cleaning products at least three days before your event to give the carpets time to dry.

2. Get rid of pesky bathroom mold

If you have tiles in your bathroom, there’s likely to be at least a little mold or dirt collecting in the grout. While blackened grout is unlikely to have your guests running for the hills, giving your bathroom a thorough clean will demonstrate that you want to make your home as welcoming as possible.

3. Check all your appliances are working

You can’t host a Thanksgiving dinner or a Christmas party if your cooker isn’t working! Remember to check all of your vital appliances are working in the days leading up to your party, including your dishwasher, drinks fridge, freezer, cooker, food processor, electric carving knife and more. You may need to give your oven a deep clean if it’s looking a little worse for wear, particularly if any guests are going to be helping with food preparation.

4. Don’t forget seasonal decorations

The festive season simply isn’t complete without a few cheery decorations. If you’re a big fan of the winter holidays, feel free to cover your home with tinsel, fairy lights, and over-the-top decorations! If you’d rather keep things chic and “grownup”, there are plenty of minimalist decorations out there to try – think neutral colors and tasteful tree ornaments.

5. Ensure your front door is clear and well-lit

If you’re preparing to welcome people who have never visited your home before, make sure that your front door is easy to find. This could mean adding a few lights to your front yard or even putting up a sign on your gate. There’s nothing worse than getting lost on a cold winter’s day, so do everything in your power to help your guests out!

6. Make sure your guest rooms are clean and welcoming

If you have guests staying over, remember to pay extra attention to their bedrooms. As well as giving the bed linen a thorough wash and providing fluffy towels, try to make the room feel as much like a luxury hotel as possible. This means moving any overly personal items (no one wants to see your paperwork archives!) and adding any items that will make the room feel cozy. This could include scented candles, fresh-cut flowers, or even a chocolate on the pillow!

7. Create a special kids’ zone

If you’re welcoming kids into your home, why not dedicate a room to fun and games? Creating a kids’ zone will give parents a welcome break from their little ones and ensure all your guests feel entertained. If you don’t have kids, you may need to make your home a little more kid-friendly by storing away fragile ornaments and moving potential hazards. You will also need to ensure your kids’ zone is close to the main hosting area so parents can keep an easy eye on things.

8. Stock up on matching tableware

No dinner table is complete without a beautiful set of matching tableware. If you’re yet to invest in cutlery, plates, and cups for special occasions, now is the perfect time to splash out!