Indoor-Outdoor Living on Maui

When you live in a climate like the one we have in , where the tropical weather permits, indoor-outdoor living is definitely a real possibility. What is indoor-outdoor living? It is a way of living that incorporates spaces in your that seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors. Basically, rooms are set up like they are inside, but they are actually outside. Indoor-outdoor spaces should have some key elements that will give you the most success. These include: functionality, form, feature, flow and foliage.

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Your indoor-outdoor space should serve a purpose in your home, otherwise you can consider it wasted space. Some great ideas for an indoor-outdoor space include:

  • Living area
  • Entertainment space
  • Extension of the master bedroom
  • Exercise area
  • Extension of the kitchen

With each scenario you’ll need to add the proper elements to make the space functional. For example, for an entertainment space or with an extension from the kitchen, you’ll want to add elements like a grill, outdoor fireplace and a dining table.


There are a number of ways you can easily allot a space in your home as an indoor-outdoor space. Adding floor-to-ceiling windows that are able to be fully opened is one of the easiest ways to bring the outside in. Without having to add any furniture to your outdoor space, your indoor space is now open, airy and bright, with the feeling that you are outdoors.

Looking at it the other way, you can instead build a space outdoors and add furniture and other accessories to give it an indoor feeling. With the right set-up, you won’t even realize you are outside, while still enjoying what the outdoors has to offer.


In order to give an outdoor space an indoor-feel, it needs a feature, whether that is a water feature, a chandelier or artwork. Your outdoor area could include many of the elements of decoration that you would include on the inside of your home, in order to give it that seamless look as you go through the home.


Greenery is the best way that you can bring the outdoors in. Potted plants in both your indoor and outdoor spaces will again incorporate a seamless look. Your outdoor space should also be tastefully landscaped and if the space is covered, you’ll want greenery that does well in shade.


As we’ve mentioned, indoor-outdoor spaces should blend seamlessly with the rest of the home, which means they need a proper flow. They should blur the line between the indoors and outdoors and can be done by continuing the color palette, adding a patio or deck that reflects the taste of the home, adding indoor accessories like cushions and blankets and even adding outdoor heaters for the cooler nights.

Indoor-outdoor living is definitely a trend that many Maui homeowners can incorporate and will enjoy.

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