How to Enhance the “Screen Appeal” of Your Property

How to Enhance the “Screen Appeal” of Your Property

The rise of digital technology has transformed how potential buyers discover and assess marketed properties. Forget flipping through newspaper ads or dropping in on countless open houses – today’s buyer frequently relies on the internet to conduct their search for a new home, with around 97% of US-based buyers using the web to find potential properties in 2020.

With this in mind, it’s never been more important to ensure your property looks great on-screen. If you’re struggling to perfect your online listings, don’t fret – we’ve put together some winning strategies below.

Don’t avoid chores

While it may be tempting to avoid cleaning duties, modern cameras are unforgiving when it comes to picking up dust and grime. Start by tidying your home, ensuring that only your best pieces of furniture are visible – buyers won’t be interested in your framed family photos or kids’ toys.

Next, you can thoroughly scrub, mop, and scour every inch of your home to boost its screen appeal. If housework isn’t your forte, it may be worth investing in a professional cleaning service.

Consider recording a virtual tour

While static photos are a must for any online home listing, you may also wish to upload a virtual tour to maximize your chances of making a sale. Indeed, a tour represents an opportunity to discuss the best bits of your home in detail while giving buyers a sense of its atmosphere. To ensure your video hits the right notes, we recommend the following:

  • Make sure the house is well-lit while filming
  • Plan your route and script to ensure the tour looks smooth and professional
  • Use a high-quality camera
  • Edit the tour if necessary, cutting out any unnecessary transitions
  • Hold the camera at chest level (this will help to show as much of the space as possible)
  • Try to move the camera smoothly, without any sudden jolts
  • Remember to include an exterior shot of the property
  • Clear a path before shooting – you don’t want to trip over a stray coffee table!

Stage your home

Staging a home is all about arranging your furniture and ornaments in a way that will appeal to potential buyers. Start by getting rid of any large, unattractive, or niche objects, as a bright and spacious room will attract buyers who want to put their own stamp on a property.

Once all your rooms are sufficiently airy and open, why not add a few tasteful objects such as potted plants, colorful cushions, or sophisticated paintings? This will ensure the space doesn’t look too sterile or characterless.

If you’re daunted by interior design, you may wish to hire a professional stager. Most stagers offer affordable rates, and many provide rental furniture if necessary.

Don’t neglect the exterior of your home

Buyers will always check the exterior of a property while browsing online, so remember to spruce up your walls, doors, garden, and driveway. Potential tasks to carry out could include pressure washing your patio, pruning bushes, painting exterior walls, washing windows, or clearing your gutters.

Focus on lighting

Many homeowners underestimate the impact lighting can have on videos and photographs. Filming at dusk or dawn will typically produce warmer and softer images than those filmed at midday. Indeed, midday sun tends to be cooler and brighter, which may be useful if you want to emphasize the airy atmosphere of your property. Ultimately, you should think carefully about what time of day your home looks the most inviting and adjust your filming schedule accordingly.

While it may seem a little unnatural, it is also a good idea to turn on all the lights in your home (including ceiling lights, spotlights, and nightlights). This will ensure your photography looks consistent and professional.

Make the most of augmented reality (AR)

Sellers now have the option to provide AR experiences that allow potential buyers to add digital furnishings to virtual images of your home. If you’re selling an empty property, this technology represents a great way to make the space more attractive to buyers and demonstrate its full potential.