The Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies for Your Maui Home

One way that you can help do your part for the environment and for your own health is to use non-toxic products for something you do regularly. When you clean your home with toxic products, those products are harmful to the air you breathe, the water you drink and to you in general. Indoor pollution is a real thing and it can affect your health with everything from a simple headache to upping your risk for cancers. Using natural sources for cleaning is definitely the way to go in Maui. Here are some great non-toxic recipes you can use for cleaning your home.

The Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies for Your Maui Home - Lahaina Real Estate, Maui Condos, Homes & Houses for Sale from Maui MLS

In the bathroom

When you think of the most germ-filled spot in your home, you might think it is the bathroom. While this isn’t always true (think: door knobs, computer keyboards and the mouse, light switches etc.), you do need products that can work to get rid of the grime and other nasties you find in a bathroom. For your toilet, baking soda is a star. Combine it with a few drops of tea tree oil (as a disinfectant) and then some vinegar and scrub while it fizzes. Your bowl will be clean and bright. For the rest of the space, vinegar and baking soda works well again, or you can use liquid castile soap mixed with tea tree oil.

In the kitchen

The kitchen is another spot where germs can linger and where it is pertinent that you need a good disinfectant, but also where natural products are most warranted since your food touches many of the surfaces in the kitchen. A great all-purpose cleaner would be simple water and vinegar in a spray bottle. You can use it on all surfaces in the kitchen (except marble, granite or stone). Simply spray, wipe and let sit (don’t dry it). Lemons and vodka also do a similar job with cleaning in the kitchen, and can add a nice smell too! If you need a bit of a scrub, kosher salt works like a charm, especially when rubbed with half a lemon; it will rid your stovetop of all its nasty stains.

In the laundry room

You can buy your own non-toxic laundry soap and fabric softener, or you can make your own. There are a number of easy recipes online. One incredible one is mixing one gallon of white vinegar with about 30 drops of essential oils and adding 1/3rd of a cup in each laundry load. Your clothes will be softer and smell amazing.

On your floors

Your floors get very dirty and you might think they need a heavy-duty cleaner. Instead, try just vinegar and warm water. You want to avoid using this on wood floors, but in that case, simple soap and water will suffice.

When you use non-toxic cleaners, not only will you save yourself from the harmful effects, but by mixing your own cleaners, from inexpensive natural products, you can save money too.

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