A Guide to Visiting Maui During the Coronavirus

A Guide to Visiting Maui During the Coronavirus

The gorgeous waterfalls, pristine beaches, lush forests, and virgin hills are ready to welcome tourists back again. Yes, Hawaii is open for all those who seek respite from the unprecedented disruption caused by the pandemic. For all those who wish to take in the sun-kissed beaches and watercolor-like sunsets, here is your complete guide to visiting Maui during the coronavirus. This complete guide to visiting Maui is structured to answer all your questions regarding travel to Hawaii during the pandemic.

Is Maui welcoming visitors?

Maui is welcoming visitors, both transpacific and inter-island. Transpacific visitors flying into Maul should produce a COVID-19 negative result from a credible and trusted travel associate before they depart for Hawaii. If they fail to produce the result, they will have to undergo the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Inter-island visitors should carry a negative test result that was done three days before the date of travel. Otherwise, they will have to undergo the stipulated quarantine. You can find a list of the trusted travel associates and partners here.

There is also a voluntary second test for visitors. This has to be taken within three to seven days of the visitor’s arrival. This second test is administered in Kahului, HI, Lahaina, HI, and Kihei, HI. Visitors do not need insurance to take these tests as they are free of cost. These are not substitutes for the other mandatory travel test and are not valid for inter-island travels.

Pre-registration for this second test can be done here. If visitors face any problem while pre-registering, they can call 808-667-6161, ext: 7 for additional information and help.

For international visitors

The federal government has prohibited travelers from Europe and certain other nations from visiting the US. International travelers should check the CDC list to know if travel from their country is temporarily prohibited.

Maui has a separate protocol for visitors from Japan, the details of which can be found here. Canadian travelers won’t have to undergo the required 14-day quarantine if they can provide a negative test result from labs approved by Air Canada and WestJet.

Is there mandatory quarantine in Maui?

Yes. Visitors arriving without a pre-travel negative test result will have to undergo a mandatory quarantine lasting 14 days. Travelers should know that Maui enforces a strict quarantine during which they will not be allowed to venture out of their hotel rooms. All essential supplies, from food to medicine, will be delivered to their rooms.

The only relaxations are for medical emergencies, or for the return trip. They are also not allowed to rent cars when under quarantine. Any violation would invite fines and/or imprisonment. Click here for the detailed set of instructions.

Do I have to wear a mask in Maui?

Yes, you have to wear a mask in Maui. This is applicable to both residents and visitors. People are also expected to maintain a minimum of six feet of social distancing. Unless there is an exemption, any business establishment can refuse entry or service to an individual not wearing a face mask.

Is it safe to visit Maui now?

Yes. Hawaii has the lowest COVID infection rate in the country. The state has been exceptionally successful in stopping the spread of the virus. Maui’s test positivity rate is around .6 percent compared to the state’s average of 1.5 percent.

What places are open to visitors in Maui?

Almost all places are open for business. The severely hit tourism sector is slowly opening up, which will be a boon for local businesses. Most hotels are open with strict adherence to health protocols. Similarly, almost all retail outlets and restaurants welcome visitors. But it should be noted that face masks are mandatory to enter these establishments.

State parks, county parks, hiking trails, and beaches are open, subject to certain restrictions. Visitors will have to abide by social distancing norms while visiting these places. Travelers can find more information on state parks here.

Additional information

The Hawaii Department of Health has a list of trusted partners for the pre-travel test. Travelers can find more information on how Maui county has been reacting to the pandemic here. Visitors can click here for more information on travel to the islands.

Like all communities, Hawaii too is returning to normalcy. Welcoming visitors is an essential part of the island’s culture and not even the pandemic has been able to dent that. With certain unavoidable restrictions, the islands and their people are delighted to welcome back all those tourists who visit Hawaii to refresh their lives.

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