5 Advantages of Renting a West Maui Vacation Property

The idea of the “perfect vacation” typically stems from images of lounges, beautiful warm air, straws in coconuts, and a gorgeous sunset over the water. All of these things are available in , but you don’t actually need the resort to have the rest: whether you’re planning the perfect mini break from it all or you want to take an extended on the fertile island of Maui, renting a vacation property is often a better idea than getting a hotel. Here are five advantages of a west Maui vacation property that you won’t get from a resort or hotel.

5 Advantages of Renting a West Maui Vacation Property - Lahaina Real Estate, Maui Condos, Homes & Houses for Sale from Maui MLS

1. A Homier Atmosphere than a Hotel

If you’re going to be spending some time on the gorgeous island of Maui, you’re going to need somewhere homey to relax from the active relaxation of the rest of the trip. Maui is home to amazing historical sites, hiking trails, and fantastic beaches: at the end of the day, curling up somewhere comfortable is the perfect touch to a day well spent. Even nice hotels are always just a place to sleep; a will feel homey enough to let you truly rest.

2. Can Average to Comparable Cost, or Less, than a Hotel

People sometimes discount renting because they assume that it’s going to be too expensive. If you’re only staying a few days, finding a short term rental is a snap—and a little diligence will turn up many longer and midterm rentals as well. You could match prices against the resorts for a few nights, and these vacation rentals will often sleep more than a hotel: especially if you have children who are the right size to enjoy sleeping on the couch. You can split the price up between more people and get the deal of a lifetime.

3. Closer to Non-resort Beaches and Attractions

Some West Maui resorts do have a lot going for them, but they’re far from the only things that West Maui has to offer. D.T. Flemings Beach Park, for example, is hugely popular with residents and tourists alike. It’s a fully public beach with life guards, facilities, picnic tables, BBQ grills, and one of the best body-surfing beaches on Maui.
A little research on the area of your rental will show up many great attractions and areas that aren’t featured closer to resorts. You’ll have more options for your free time.

4. The Lahaina Historic Trail and More

Getting away from the resorts can also do wonders for the historic and cultural significance of your trip. West Maui is home to more than just great weather; it’s home to Hawaiian history. The Lahaina Historic Trail is a self-guided walking tour of the town that was the seat of Hawaiian royalty for 5 decades in the 1800s, and has over 62 historic sites.

There are many areas of historic and cultural significance in West Maui, and stepping outside of the resort areas (and the resort mindset) will allow you time and space to encounter these rich traditions.

5. Get a Taste of Resident Life

A great way to prepare for life in West Maui is to get a vacation rental there. Even if you don’t think a permanent move to West Maui is in your near future, getting a vacation rental is a great way to see how residents live. The tourist focused, resort-oriented parts of West Maui are attractive—but the resident’s life is gorgeous.

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