20 Things to do Before your Maui Open House

Before you have an open , there are a number of things you should do to get prepared. Here are 20 of the most important things to do before your open house to ensure the success of it and have the offers come filing in.

20 Things to do Before your Maui Open House - Lahaina Real Estate, Maui Condos, Homes & Houses for Sale from Maui MLS

A few days before:

  1. Remove 50% of your stuff (declutter)
  2. Fill any holes in the walls
  3. Make sure everything displayed is seasonal
  4. Cut the grass
  5. Find out what areas of your smell and do something about it
  6. Check for mould and get it remedied
  7. Clean your home thoroughly – this includes little-done tasks like washing your window coverings, scrubbing your baseboards and trim, wiping down the walls and fixtures, steam cleaning the carpets, cleaning under the sink and other appliances and cleaning inside the appliances
  8. Paint your home to reflect what the average buyer would want
  9. Clean your screens, windows and fix any rips in the screens
  10. Add curb appeal by washing the exterior siding, pulling all of the weeds on your , trimming your landscaping, cleaning out your gutters and planting new landscaping
  11. Ensure your home systems are in good working condition and make any big repairs
  12. Remove all items that don’t make your home seem more appealing, including personal items, fridge magnets, items cluttering up your countertops
  13. Make sure your bedroom looks like a bedroom and replace your bedding, add pillows to your bed and remove any items that disturb the flow

Day of:

  1. Open the window dressings and the windows to let in the fresh air
  2. Make the beds and fluff the pillows
  3. Tidy, including wiping down countertops, sweeping or vacuuming, empty all trash bins, hiding all toothbrushes and other daily personal items and giving the toilet a quick once-over
  4. Turn phone ringers off and the answering machine off
  5. Set the temperature to something comfortable if the air conditioning or heat is on
  6. Give the home a pleasing feel by using a natural air freshener, turning the lights on, placing flowers on the table, staging some place settings, putting on soft music and even having some cookies for visitors to snack on while viewing the home
  7. Take your pets out of the home, leave any marketing you have for the home and get out!

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